Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Must haves for tailgating

Once basketball season ends, all us die-hard football fans must wait a gruesome 2 months for the season to arrive. One of the things I make sure to do with all that extra time is daydream about the perfect tailgate. Tailgating is basically an American tradition; whether it's college or national, people are out there and take this stuff seriously. I am one of the many who does too!

I have put together a handy list for your viewing pleasure. If you have at least 3 of these items, you will have a fabulous tailgate time because, well, everyone welcomes each other at tailgates. Whether it's College Gameday or NFL Sunday, you will always feel like you are surrounded by family, very lively and most likely drunk family that is. In any case, go grab some of these items for your perfect tailgate experience.

Beer: Lots of it. Some people like to pound hard liquor, I'm all for a couple rum & cokes before hand but drinking hard liquor throughout your whole tailgate in that south Florida sun is a no-no. You will last about 2 hours and most likely wont make it into the stadium.

BBQ Grill: I got a mini grill at Target and let me tell you, CHEAP ($14) and one of the best investments you can make for your tailgate.

Keg: This isn't a necessity. However, this bad boy always makes things 100x more fun, why? Keg Stands.

Tent: This is an absolute must for a tailgate. All goes back to the south Florida sun, you always need shade. 

Chairs: People need a place to sit & most of the time, the trunk is taken. 

Beer Pong Table/ Table: Absolute must! Beer Pong, Flip Cup, a place for people to eat off of and put their drinks on. 

Corn Hole: Who doesn't love corn hole?? Get a game going while getting buzzed!

Food/ A Meal: If you plan on BBQ'ing out there that's one thing, otherwise don't be an idiot. You're going to be drinking all day and in the hot sun to boot. Make sure you have a full belly of food, and by the way, chips and dip don't count as food. 

Water: Again, don't be an idiot. Make sure to HYDRATE, otherwise you will definitely not make it to the game. 

Attire: Tailgating is a must for wearing and impressing people with the teams best attire. Go all out, guys! 

Big Girl Panties: Last but not least. put on your big girl panties. This applies to men and women. We are all here to have fun, get pumped for our team and rage. You absolutely, positively, must be ready to rage! 

I can't wait. Football season, I will be seeing you very soon!


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