Monday, February 11, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Photos

Ravens 34- 49ers 31

Anquan Boldin WR for the Ravens catching a pass in the end zone 

Beyonce's Halftime show was SPECTACULAR!

Who knew Destiny's Child was gonna show?!

uh-oh! A power shortage that lasted a lengthy 35 minutes. 

Colin Kaepernick's signature move

49ers Colin Kaepernick running in a touch down

QB Joe Flacco running onto the field after the Ravens Victory

Harbaugh brother's John & Jim exchanging words after the game.

An upset Colin Kaepernick after a Ravens victory

Joe Flacco named Super Bowl XLVII MVP

Confetti Angels

A proud coach holding Ray Lewis' face

An emotional Ray Lewis' 

More confetti angels made by Chykie Brown

Ed Reed holding his first Super Bowl trophy

Ray Lewis celebrating his second Super Bowl victory

John Harbaugh holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy 

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